Rogue Entity

A DCJ Production


The movie starts with 3-D animation of chemicals being formed (music: Resident Evil: Main Theme) and moves into film portraying the drug being created in a Lab. As the music picks up a team of soldiers/govt. people are invading a building. When they reach their destination the music ends and the formula is stolen, screen fades to black and 3-D blueprints of a secret lair appear.


3-D animation and footage of various chemicals, documents on brainwashing, and scientific formulas as well as blueprints to a secret building area.


 Deep in the government labs and new drug is created, so secret that only a team of 10 people know about it its origin.  The “rogue entity” serum designed by Dr. Walter Zerger, alters the neuronal perception of a human’s anterior cingulated cortex allowing the person to be open to mind control.   When one of the government officials in charge of the project learns that the drug is in its last stage of development, he leads a team of ex-seals called “the erasers” to steal the drug and destroy all evidence of its creation. 


Characters needed for scene: Dr. Zerger | General Scott | a Cast of 2-5 soldiers



At the end of the 3-D, the image of blueprints to some secret area is displayed. A government office with a large table is the set. There are men sitting around the table arguing about the fate of the brain control drug.


[Wednesday, May 17, 2006]

Deep in the lower levels of the pentagon the drug now resides with a group of top-secret government officials torn between decisions of its fate. The leader General Scott finally makes the decision to make the drug obsolete but faces much opposition from the eraser team that risked their lives to retrieve it.  The eraser team, led by Major Bernard Ralls, wants to put the drug into effect and bring it into military combat and top-secret missions. General Scott wins the argument and the drug is stored and erased…


Characters needed for scene: General Scott | Bernard Ralls | 2-3 Extra Govt. Officials



1 month later…

Daniel is shown on a computer hacking into government files.


[Tuesday, June 19, 2006]

An infamous computer hacker, Daniel Bishop, discovers the Rogue Entity’s only existing recorded file. The file, which is coded, appears as pages of random numbers, letters, and characters.  Bishop realizes that anything coded so extravagantly must be of extreme important and secrecy. Saving the file to disk, Bishop brings the file to his friend Robin, a gifted code breaker and conspiracy theorist. 


Characters needed for scene: Daniel Bishop | Robin



Ralls is on the computer


Bernard Ralls is working on the computer while Bishop is hacking the system. Ralls soon discovers that the system is being hacked and calls for General Scott. Scott arrives and gives the order to the erasers to locate and destroy the hacker.   


Characters needed for scene: Bernard Ralls | General Scott | Background Extras





3-D chemical intro

The chemical is stolen

The chemical is erased and permanently stored by General Scott


1 month later…

Daniel Bishop Driving character intro

Daniel Hacks the system to find about the rogue entity serum called: Benziumopoxide

Ralls finds out about the hacker

Daniel Bishop goes to Robin’s house, and sets up a meeting with a black market dealer named Caparzo

Ralls search leads him to robin’s location

Bishop and robin begin decoding, Daniel leaves to meet caparzo. Robin is left to finish and meet him in the drop spot.

Robin’s house is stormed by the eraser squad

The eraser’s report that nothing is found at the robin residence leaves Scott to ponder a solution

Robin and Daniel meet caparzo but finds his intentions lie in profit and not public awareness, caparzo and bodyguard are killed.

The bodies of caparzo give General Scott a new lead


General decides to recruit the 3 students with the serum “3 students in a magazine ad”

Angell and Reed at school character intro

Bain and punching bag


Training scene


Drugging scene

Wakeup scene (students appear normal except for some random unusual behavior.)