Rogue Entity

A DCJ Production


Summary Outline (With crucial script text)


Beginning with Atoms flying about an off white screen, the atoms begin to form into a large and more complex molecule. The camera zooms out to eventually reveal a liquid being manipulated in a Lab.  Shots from the lab are integrated into scenes located in a government lab.

General Scotts stand around many people dressed in black. His voice is heard over both shots of the two labs:

“We are about to enter a top secret, highly secure laboratory; this is where your training becomes most important to our success.”

“Our mission is to find and erase a Rogue Entity Serum. This drug, created by Dr. Walter Zerger, allows for the possibility of mind control”

“Men, the American way is being threatened, and your mission is to erase this threat.”

After Scott’s short speech the scene fades to black. The music picks up and the erasers are seen gearing up, running through a forest, towards a building, and into the structure.

The erasers enter the Biohazard lab and hold Dr. Zerger at gunpoint. 

Scott enters:

“I’m sorry Dr. Zerger, Your funding has been cut. ”

Looks at eraser #1  “You get the vile.”

Looks at eraser #2  “Destroy this lab.”

The erasers steal the vile of the serum, kill Dr. Zerger, and burn the lab.

The fire covers the whole screen and the Words Rogue Entity, A DCJ Production is displayed on the screen.


[Wednesday, March 17, 2006]


Deep in the lower levels of the pentagon the drug now resides with a group of top-secret government officials torn between decisions of its fate.

Government peoples are gathered around a table gossiping. Without talking, General Scott enters the room, and places a vile of Rogue Entity Serum on the table.


Scott: “I have asked all of you to come today because of a certain pressing issue that I have been dealing with. I am General Hank W. Scott, from the Internal Department of Affairs, for those who have not already met me.”

Person 1: “General, is there something we should be concerned with?”

Scott: “No, the threat has been taken care of thanks to my highly proficient team of specialists. The reason I asked you to come today is because lying on the table before you is the last remaining vile of Rogue Entity Serum.”

(People at table look fearful)

Scott: “No worries, this serum must be injected into the blood stream for it to become a threat. And even then in small doses some are not affected. Now back to the topic at hand. This serum, created by a German Bio-scientist Dr. Walter Zerger, alters the neuronal perception of a human’s anterior cingulated cortex allowing a person to be open to mind control. What I ask of all of you, is to decides its fate.”

(People look at each other) fades to black….



3 months later…


[Tuesday, June 19, 2006]

Driving in his convertible, Daniel Bishop heads home to complete the Break into the Government files.

Narration over Daniel Driving:

“I’m on Day 37 of the Rogue Entity Hack. I have no idea what the Rogue Entity Document is; perhaps it is the governments most top secret and valuable information, or perhaps I have been working so hard to uncover some unimportant government expense form. Whatever it is, it is the hardest hack I have faced to this day. Someone out there doesn’t want this information to get out to the public. That is why I am doing what I am doing, to let Americans finally learn the truth of what the Government is hiding behind our backs.” 


Daniel goes home and opens the encrypted file; he saves it on an external drive, prints out a copy of the code, and calls Robin, a fellow code breaker.

Daniel on the Phone:

“Robin, Its Daniel. I got this assignment today for my calculus class, and I have no idea what I am doing so I need your help. Yeah I gotta get this done by Thursday. Alright I’ll see you then.”

Real Text Shown as subtitles:

“Robin, It’s Daniel. I just hacked into the 1128 Document but it’s encrypted and I need your help. I need the code broken within 4 days. Alright I’ll see you then.”




Bernard Ralls, an employee of General Scott discovers the intruder hacking into their mainframe.


Ralls: “Sir, could you take a look at this?”

Scott: “Yes, What do you have for me today?”

Ralls: “Our mainframe has been hit today, and according to this, has been hit everyday at this time for 37 days. Right during the backup cycle, which would allow the hacker to slip in unnoticed until now.”

Scott: “What has been taken?”

Ralls: “The hacker has been focusing on the 1128 Document. Let me find out more about the 1128. Give me a second.”

Scott: “No need Bernard, 1128 is the Rogue Entity file.”

Ralls: “Impossible… That file was erased 3 months ago.”

Scott: “All evidence but that one file was destroyed, the 1128 document has everything in it, luckily we encrypted it. That should buy us time while we locate and erase this hacker.”

Ralls: (Typing quickly) “Scott, apparently you placed a level 64-bit encryption on it. Once a good hacker has his hands on the file it will be public by then end of the week. And by the fact that the hack was completed without our noticing, we have something to worry about.” 

Scott: “I’ll call the erasers. Try to find everything you can about this hacker!”


Scott picks up his phone, says, “Get me the eraser squad leader.”




Bishop arrives at Robin’s house. Robin is a highly skilled code breaker.

Bishop goes to the backdoor and Robin opens the door for him. Bishop hands Robin the external drive and the printout.


Bishop: “Here is the complete Document 1128.”

Robin: “You said it was encrypted right?”

Bishop: “Yeah, that is why I brought it here.”

Robin: (Looking at the printout) “Looks familiar, I think I should be able to crack it within 2 days.”

Bishop: “The sooner we find out what we have the sooner we get paid.”


Bishop follows Robin to her computer. She places the portable disk into the computer. Bishop appears impatient.


Robin: “I’m running it through some logarithmic scans…hum...  It appears to be a form of a Euclidean Algorithm but I’ll run it through the NTRU Cipher to see what Multiplicative Inverse the encryption is based on.”

Bishop: “When you finish with that, will the code be broken?”

Robin: “No, after I figure out the basic logarithmic pattern I then need to go through the document and break it down. (Pause) Lets hope there aren’t any trapdoors.”

Bishop: “What are those?”

Robin: “Trapdoors are false logarithmic patterns in a document that when decoded only produce more encrypted code. Just think of a fractal. Luckily trapdoors are easy to avoid, but very time-consuming.”






Ralls find out about Robin

Ralls is typing on the computer, Scott stands behind him.


Ralls: “The hacker was extremely clever, perhaps too clever. To make this quick I’ll focus on the region where the hack originated.”

Scott: “Then what?”

Ralls: “Once we know where it came from we’ll try to match someone in our data files to it.”

Scott: “Yes, perhaps we already know this hacker. I’m already feeling better about this.”

Ralls: “Well what do you know? The hack from this part of the world. Not only this part of the world, but right in our backyard. The hack’s within 5,000 miles of us… 1,000… 100 miles! It’s right in our backyard, sir.”

Scott: “So this hacker is close, maybe even employed right here in Internal Affairs. That would explain a lot.”

Ralls: “Alright I have a general location, now I will check out the local police files for anyone who could possibly have pulled this off…  I think I may know who could have done this.”

Scott: “Have her house swept tomorrow.”

(Ralls types and shows the screen to Scott, a display showing Robin is present. General Scott nods in approval.) 

Scott picks up his coat, and says goodnight.



Music: Angel’s Punishment by Lacuna Coil.

Scott goes home to rest. After a long day he is shown to be extremely exhausted and anxious. He enters his home, grabs some food and pauses to think. Recaps of the beginning speech to the men before the invasion are shown. He sits down to eat and moves a newspaper with an article about 3 of the top MIT students.  The article is entitled “Having it all.” Scott pushes the article aside after scanning it for a brief moment. He sits and stares up at a picture of his “grandfather.”  Images of WWII flash in his head, along with explosions and images of war and or his childhood. His Memories bring him back to a war memory with him and his friend. His friend is killed in the line of duty and Scott is forced alone to destroy the threat around him while caring for the body of his friend.  





[Wednesday, June 20, 2006]


Bishop and Robin Decode and converse with Caparzo.


Bishop finishes pouring 2 drinks (coffee, tea, etc…) and enters the computer room where Robin is typing and concentrating very hard on decoding.


Bishop: “How soon?”

Robin: “Hour… Maybe 2... I already figured out some of the document. The file contains records of the development of a Brain control drug called the Rogue Entity Serum.”

Bishop: “Now that is something the public should know.”

Robin: “Definitely.”

Bishop: “I’m going to call Caparzo and set up a meeting. When you finish meet me at my house. I’m going there now to pick some stuff up.”

Robin: “Caparzo who?”

Bishop: “Ricky Caparzo. He’s a black market dealer I’ve had some dealings with before. He should be able to help us make this public without anyone knowing who cracked it. And I bet he’d pay nicely for something this big.”

Robin: “Sounds shady, but at this point I’m willing to try anything. But we should have a backup plan.”


Robin goes back to her work and Bishop goes to the backyard. Bishop dials on his phone.


Bishop: “Caparzo…”

(Caparzo sitting somewhere in his home, in Ochre Court Perhaps.) 

Caparzo: “Hey! Bishop.”

Bishop: “Within 3 hours I will have something top secret form the government decrypted. It is called the Rogue Entity Serum. Heard of it?”

Caparzo: “No, but go on, I’m interested.”

Bishop: “In 4 hours, meet me by the local abandoned convent with $500,000.”

Caparzo: “$500,000 huh… and then what do I get?”

Bishop: “A disk with everything you could want to know about the Rogue Entity Serum. Where and when it was engineered, how to use it, and most importantly how to create it. Plus other government documents related to the Serum Such as the murder of Dr. Walter Zerger. The serum’s primary developer.”

Caparzo: “And you want this made public I assume, like you always do?”

Bishop: “I knew I could trust you for this job. 4 Hours…”


(Bishop turns off the phone, silently pauses and leaves in his car.) 




General Scott calls the eraser squad leader.


Scott in the government office with Ralls.

Scott: “Get your men together, we have a lead.”


Erwin is on the other side of the phone.

Erwin “Yes Sir”


Scott: “I am transferring the information to, I want a quick clean sweep. Bring the perpetrator back alive to us.”


Erwin: “I have the alpha team at standby, we will depart at 13:00 hours.”





Robin’s House is stormed.


Robin is shown typing in her computer room.

She looks outside her window and sees flashes of figures dressed in black. Typing quicker, the men approach the doors to break in.  Robin quickly finishes, grabs the CD, code paper, and rushes into a nearby closet. As soon as she enters the closet the Erasers invade down the hall. The leader of the Erasers enters the computer room.


Eraser Leader: “Down.” (Sees the room is empty then looks at the 2 erasers behind him) “Search the house, now!” (Sits down at the computer) “She cracked it!” (Leader pulls out a cell phone.)


One of the erasers is seen running down the stairs and finds the ceiling hatch open

While Searching on the ground floor one of the erasers looks down into a shaft to find the other eraser.

Eraser top: “Found anything?”

Eraser bottom: “Negative.”


The erasers are seen checking the attic, cellar, main floor, and the garage but nothing is found. All 3 erasers gather in the hallway and forma line.  The eraser leader enters the hallway.


Leader: “Status.” The erasers all follow by saying “Negative Sir.”




Scott hears the news that Robin’s house was empty, receives a call from Caparzo. Scott agrees to accompany Caparzo in the transaction with Robin.


Scott slowly lowers the phone, “Negative….” Scott looks over at Ralls.


Scott: “Bad news Bernard, She cracked the code and escaped.”

Ralls: “Any news where she could be heading with the file?”


Scott nods silently answering no. As he takes a moment to breathe his phone rings. Person in office is on the phone: (Caparzo is on the line.) “Scott, turn on your video link…” he/she hangs up the phone.


Scott goes over to a mini teleconference setup and turns it on. Caparzo is on the screen.


Scott: “Ricky Caparzo…”

Ricky: “General, I just got an interesting phone call. It seems a local hacker found out about a certain Rogue Entity Serum. Does this have anything to do with you?”

Scott: “What do you know?”

Ricky: “I know that I am about to pay $500,000 for it. I wonder if you can better that offer?”

Scott: (laughs smugly)“It is your lucky day Caparzo. How does one million sound?”

Ricky: “I was thinking more like 5.”

Scott: “Ha! 1 million and I give you unconditional immunity, that is my final offer. You decide to leave that offer and you will be very, very sorry.”

Ricky: (Looking annoyed but agreeable) “General Scott, I accept. I am meeting the hacker in 2 hours to pick up the disk. I’ll make the trade with you after that.”

Scott: “No, I have a better idea. I’ll go with you.”


Ricky looks confused. Scott turns off the video link and turns to Bernard who is looking at a distance.


Scott: “Bernard, I need a car, a gun, and a Kevlar vest. Immediately.”

Bernard: “Yes sir.”





Bishop and Robin Meet and kill Caparzo


Caparzo Scene (Scripted by John C. Heins)


ROBIN and DANIEL pull up in DANIEL's Saab 900 s convertible. The car rolls to a stop in front of the camera. Interior shot, Daniel looks across at Robin.



So if I say "Sounds like a deal to me," you know what to do.


ROBIN nods silently and solemnly. Exterior shot from in front of the car as they both open their doors and get out. Wide shot reveals that CAPARZO hasn't arrived yet, and ROBIN and DANIEL lean against the hood of the car. Medium shot of them looking around, then hearing an engine. They stand. CAPARZO's Mercury Sable pulls up and stops opposite DANIEL's car, as if in a faceoff. DANIEL looks mildly unsettled. The doors to CAPARZO's car open slowly, and CAPARZO's bodyguard gets out the passenger side a couple of seconds before CAPARZO exits the driver's seat. A high wide shot shows that both pairs stand in front of their cars, about twenty feet from each other. Then for most of the dialog, there are only two shots - medium shots of CAPARZO and his bodyguard, and ROBIN and DANIEL, alternating as they talk.



Right on time, Daniel... you're so predictable.



Not as predictable as you, Ricky. You're late as usual.


CAPARZO shrugs this off.



You brought the formula disk, I presume?



Of course. And you brought the money?


CAPARZO [with a slight smile]

Of course.


CAPARZO's bodyguard produces a silver briefcase, and opens it long enough to reveal that it's full of cash. [Close shot]



Excellent. [pause] And you're going to make sure that the public finds out all about this.



Sure, eventually.


ROBIN [suspicious]

What does that mean?



Well I'll need to make a little cash off of it first, won't I?


ROBIN [getting angry]

What? So you're going to sell it to your criminal buddies! Do you realize what damage this stuff could do in their hands?



Why should I care? It'll put a few G's in my pocket, then it's out of my hands. I'll let the public know all about it once it's outlived its usefulness to me.



No good. We just need this made public right away, with no trail back to us.


CAPARZO [angrier]

Do you seriously think I'm prepared to pay 300,000 dollars to do you a *favor*? I don't pay for the privilege of doing charity work, Bishop.



Then the deal is off. We'll find someone else.


CAPARZO [still angry]

Oh come on, Bishop. You know as well as I do that there *is* no one else. I'm the only one with the connections you need. And I'm sure you'd like to have this off your hands real quick-like. [quieter, more persuasively/manipulatively - switch to closeup] Do the smart thing, Daniel - Unless you want something... bad to happen, take the money, give me the formula, and don't look back. It's not your business anymore.


DANIEL, in a closeup, is visibly trying to decide what to do. Then he sighs and looks down for "Okay then Ricky," and back up to make eye contact for the key phrase.



Okay then Ricky... Sounds like a deal to me.


Shot opens up to both DANIEL and ROBIN, as they nod to each other. ROBIN goes back to the car, opens the door, and in an over-the-shoulder shot we see that she picks up one of two envelopes. She walks back out to her former position. She is concealing the fact that her hand is inside the envelope.



The disk is in here. You bring the money to Daniel, and I'll bring the formula to you.


CAPARZO nods, smiling. He nods to his bodyguard, who picks up the briefcase. It can be seen that he's hiding a gun under the briefcase, pointed at Daniel. Suddenly ROBIN fires three bullets in rapid succession from inside the envelope at CAPARZO's bodyguard, who falls at CAPARZO' feet. Caparzo looks down in confusion and shock, then back up to see DANIEL standing alone by his car.



Okay then, if that's how you do business.


A low, slow-motion shot follows of CAPARZO throwing off his jacket and in the same motion pulling out two guns. As he is pointing them at DANIEL, he recieves a shot to the torso from ROBIN, who had ducked behind CAPARZO's car (or maybe BISHOP's car) while he was distracted. As he falls in slow motion, he squeezes off a shot which hits DANIEL in the shoulder. We follow DANIEL to the ground, and he sits up with difficulty and leans against his car. He sees ROBIN standing over CAPARZO's body clutching the gun, still pointed at CAPARZO, shaking badly. She fires one more shot, but doesn't move. Clutching his shoulder, DANIEL speaks. As he speaks, she looks up at him, frightened.



Come on Robin, let's get out of here. You'll have to drive.



I-- I just--



I know. It's ok, you also saved our lives, and probably a lot more lives if we can get the truth out in time. But right now, let's *go*.


ROBIN swallows her fear, and walks towards DANIEL's car. As she passes DANIEL, she drops the gun. He picks it up and gets in the passenger seat, and the car pulls out. A high wide shot shows the two bodies lying next to the Mercury Sable as the Saab pulls away.





Scott now knowing Bishop’s intentions, introduces operation Rogue Entity.


Scott enters the Government office with more energy than previous.  He is holding a briefcase and his trench coat, as well as the Kevlar vest. 


Scott: “Bernard, I need to sit down with you.”

Ralls: “Yes sir.”

Scott: “Meeting in 5 minutes!”

Scott, Ralls, and others sit at a table.

Scott: “I am going to begin with a review of the past few days.  First off, we are dealing with 2 hackers, one male one female. These hackers have obtained our top-secret information concerning the Rogue Entity Serum. Their intentions are to bring the serums existence into the public.”

Person: “Do we have names? Numbers?”

Scott: “Robin Steele and Daniel Bishop. They drive a Saab with the license plate number LD-861.”

Person: “So we run the numbers and send the erasers! This isn’t a situation that requires time consuming planning. Just immediate action.”

Ralls: “But Scott, you know something more…”  

Scott: “Bishop and Steele have committed a murder, the cops will be after them within 2 days. If we send anyone out for them our involvement will surely be noticed. And I don’t plan on risking any member of my team.”

Person: “So we send out one of the erasers, a clean hit, and burn down the house. They are trained for that.”

Scott: “Yes, we could. But I have a different agenda.”

Scott opens his briefcase and takes out a magazine a gun and a dart.

Scott: “We do what you said, order a hit. But we have these students do it.” (throws a magazine article on the table)

Ralls: “No ties to us…”

Scott: “Exactly, they have the brains, the physical specifications, and conveniently know our hacker Daniel Bishop. And not to mention, we get to test out this brain control drug everyone has been killing for.”





Angell and Reed Introduction:


Angel is shown walking through a school hall. On the wall there is a white sheet. Angell looks at it to find that he is top of the class. “Ah top of the class…” looks once more at the sheet “Oh no! Bain’s gonna be mad!”

Angell enters a computer lab and asks a nearby student if he knows where Dominick Reed is.

Angell “Have you seen Dominick Reed?

Lab Student: “I think he is in Lab 10”


Angell is seen approaching Lab 10. A shot show Reed typing on the computer. Reed finishes and begins to walk out of the room. Angell goes to hit him and they spar for a few hits then converse.

Angell: “Huh, Home work in here?”

Reed: “Yeah actually it is.”

A: “Cool, get your grades yet”

R: “No, I’m going to go check it out right now”

A: “I got mine”

R: “Oh yeah how did you do?”

A: “Number 1

R: “Ah nice, do you know how I did?”

A: “You got number 3”

R: “Number 3, not bad”

Angell and Reed exit the room:

Angell: “I’m just glad that I won’t be around when Bain finds out that he is number 2.”





Bain is angry about the second position in the class. He takes it out on the punching bag and himself. 




[Thursday, June 21, 2006]


Scott tells Bernard to call Bain.


Scott: “Bernard, I need to get this Operation into effect. I would like you to call Arthur Bain and find out the locations of our student. Be creative, we don’t want them to suspect anything unusual.”

Ralls: “Yes Sir.”



Bishop goes home, with Robin. He mends his wounds and then Bain, Angell, and Reed come over.




Bain answers the phone and reveals the location of him and the other 2 students.


Bain is walking in his home and responds to the phone ringing.


Bain: “Hello?”

Ralls: “Hello this is Mark Sherman from the Boston Globe. I was wondering if I could have a meeting with you today about your work related intentions after graduation. I would also like to have the interview with Joseph Angell and Dominick Reed if at all possible.”

Bain: “Mark Sherman, huh? I like your work. Yeah no problem, when would you like to meet?”

Ralls: “Excellent, I am very excited to be able to talk to you. I will be over in tomorrow afternoon at noon. Will you still be at your home?”

Bain: “Yeah I’ll be here.”

Ralls: “And Angell and Reed will be there also?”

Bain: “No, they will be over at Paradise Park. But they will be there for a while.”

Ralls: “Thank you very much for your time. I will talk to you soon.” 


Bain looks somewhat confused but unsuspicious.

Ralls looks over at Scott. 

Ralls: “Get the erasers ready.”




[Friday, June 22, 2006]


Angell and Reed train.  Get drugged.


Reed is seen in a park practicing Wushu, a form of martial arts. He stands in perfect stillness until Angell comes up to him.


Angell: “How’s it going Dominick?”

Reed: “Angell, How are you?”

Angell: “Good… Feel up for a little bit of sparring today?”

Reed: “I could go for a little bit.”

Angell: “Alright”


Reed warms up and says “Prepare yourself.” Angell stands ready “I’m ready.”

Reed and Angell begin to fight. As they fight 2 men in black approach. One is General Scott.


Reed: “Can we help you?”

Scott: “I’m sure you can… Sgt. Wright, Proceed.”

Wright: “Yes sir.”

Scott: “We will have 60 seconds after they are shot before they go unconscious.”

Eraser: “Let’s do this.”


They students knock down the General and the eraser and run. Sgt. Wright stands behind a tree loading Serum darts. When Reed approaches Wright shoot him in the leg. Reed falls and Angell runs over “Dominick, are you okay?? What’s the matter are you…” Reed laughs as Angell is taken down to the ground. General Scott approaches Angell,  Angell yells “Dominick help me!!”.  Scott shoots Angell in the chest and looks over to Sgt. Wright. Scott says, “Sergeant Wright, good job, our work is done.” They students are shown falling to the ground.


An eraser picks up the darts and evidence, and the screen fades to black. “Eliminate Daniel Bishop” is heard over and over. The students wake up emotionless and find clothes laid out for them.  They exit in their truck. 








Bain gets drugged and joins Angell and Reed.


Bain walks out of his beach house.  He sees the erasers. They fight and he gets 3 shots of the serum. After wasting all of the erasers, he sees Dominick and Angell. He goes to them to get help.  The two drugged students receive orders to take Bain down. They fight and succeeded after a large battle. Bain then is given the orders and joins the group.




The three students are tested and examined for side effects and given their mission once again.






The three students drive to Bishop’s House. They enter but do not find him. They leave shortly after to an unknown location.





Bishop returns to his house with Robin.  The students arrive at the front door and Kill Bishop and Robin.




[Monday, June 25, 2006]


Scott reads an article about the 3 students gone missing.





Students in a white room with Scott, They are returned to normal.






[November 8, 2006]


The students are at the grave of Daniel Bishop. They are in suits. They throw a rose on the grave and swear vengeance.


General Scott approaches and hands them 3 folders, in the folders is their next mission.   



ENDING CREDITS (Fractals and Credits)




Behind the Scenes of Rogue Entity


Welcome to the behind the scene feature of Rogue Entity. Being the creator and produced of the movie I am going to explain some aspects that underlie creation the movie.  You will see first hand footage and informative interviews with the cast and crew. Hopefully this tour will give you an idea of what I have created and how it came to be. I took on the task of creating a short film when faced with the decision of producing art for my senior thesis project. Along with the film, I am creating the packaging of the movie, creating a DVD cover, movie posters, and other film related materials and merchandise.


The beginning of Rogue Entity


The idea for Rogue Entity first came about little over a year ago, in a dream. The dream had something to do about college students involved in some kind of secret service.  Playing around and manipulating the dream I began to brainstorm on the plot, figuring my barriers. For example, barriers include time, money, actors, and available special effects. I have been making movies with my friends for over 10 years; so keeping within the barriers was not so difficult. After 6 versions of a “summary” script, several versions of a title, and many ideas for possible scenes, I came up with enough information to begin filming.  Preparation took about 4 months to solidify a plot and prepare everything for the filming process.


Preparation for Filming


After many years of creating movies and skits, I have discovered that a well-done movie requires a huge amount of behind the scenes preparation. Each 3 to 4 minute scene is the result of countless hours of scripting, editing, choreographing, filming, and actor preparation. From my experience I get about 1 minute of good footage per hour of filming. This does not even include all the off-set preparation.


Before I can film a scene I need to take several things into consideration. First, I need to script the scene and make sure that all dialogue and events in the scene correlate with the storyline. After I complete the script I need to call up the actors to schedule times and places to film. With the actors ready to go, which can take weeks to find available times, I have to prepare all costumes and props needed in the scene. I usually have the costume ideas planned along with the script.  The props and sets I have made by hand such as the darts and biohazard lab.


Movie Philosophy


Rogue Entity is a short film telling the story of the interaction between various people playing different roles in society. It is designed to show how people react in different situations and how different people have conflicting ideas of what in “right” in these situations.

I wanted the movie to give the viewer the option to choose whom they wanted to succeed. Each character is working for what they think is the “right” choice.  The right choice in some of the instances not being exactly perfect, but in the characters minds, they are all making the correct choices. 

It is easy to see how many different actions of what is just, can actually effect others in a way that is more harmful than good. I wanted to show that sometimes the battle to do what is right has many different levels and point of views. 


Watch this short skit, and see how this philosophy is so intriguing!


Fight Chorography


The fight chorography was a personal favorite to work on. In my cast of very talented actors I have gymnastics, jiujutsu, and other various forms of martial art experience to work with. The fight chorography was development in the Newport YMCA gymnasium as well as on the filming site.

The fight sequences involved, falls, hits, and other various gymnastics maneuvers that are designed to be realistic and more showy than violent. Here are some examples of the chorography and the end result.  


(In the YMCA and fighting from the movie.)


Prepping the Actors


The actors were not paid to be in this film, they came to act only after much pleading and bribes of food and ice cream. Take a look at my negotiating skills.


Editing Post film work


All the footage was captured in Studio DV 8.0.