Rogue Entity

A DCJ Production


Government Scenes (With crucial script text)


[Wednesday, March 17, 2006]


Deep in the lower levels of the pentagon the drug now resides with a group of top-secret government officials torn between decisions of its fate.

Government peoples are gathered around a table gossiping. Without talking, General Scott enters the room, and places a vile of Rogue Entity Serum on the table.


Scott: “I have asked all of you to come today because of a certain pressing issue that I have been dealing with. I am General Hank W. Scott, from the Internal Department of Affairs, for those who have not already met me.”

Person 1: “General, is there something we should be concerned with?”

Scott: “No, the threat has been taken care of thanks to my highly proficient team of specialists. The reason I asked you to come today is because lying on the table before you is the last remaining vile of Rogue Entity Serum.”

(People at table look fearful)

Scott: “No worries, this serum must be injected into the blood stream for it to become a threat. And even then in small doses some are not affected. Now back to the topic at hand. This serum, created by a German Bio-scientist Dr. Walter Zerger, alters the neuronal perception of a human’s anterior cingulated cortex allowing a person to be open to mind control. What I ask of all of you, is to decides its fate.”

(People look at each other) fades to black….


3 months later…


[Tuesday, June 19, 2006]

Driving in his convertible, Daniel Bishop heads home to complete the Break into the Government files.

Narration over Daniel Driving:

“I’m on Day 37 of the Rogue Entity Hack. I have no idea what the Rogue Entity Document is; perhaps it is the governments most top secret and valuable information, or perhaps I have been working so hard to uncover some unimportant government expense form. Whatever it is, it is the hardest hack I have faced to this day. Someone out there doesn’t want this information to get out to the public. That is why I am doing what I am doing, to let Americans finally learn the truth of what the Government is hiding behind our backs.” 


Daniel goes home and opens the encrypted file; he saves it on an external drive, prints out a copy of the code, and calls Robin, a fellow code breaker.

Daniel on the Phone:

“Robin, Its Daniel. I got this assignment today for my calculus class, and I have no idea what I am doing so I need your help. Yeah I gotta get this done by Thursday. Alright I’ll see you then.”

Real Text Shown as subtitles:

“Robin, It’s Daniel. I just hacked into the 1128 Document but it’s encrypted and I need your help. I need the code broken within 4 days. Alright I’ll see you then.”




Bernard Ralls, an employee of General Scott discovers the intruder hacking into their mainframe.


Ralls: “Sir, could you take a look at this?”

Scott: “Yes, What do you have for me today?”

Ralls: “Our mainframe has been hit today, and according to this, has been hit everyday at this time for 37 days. Right during the backup cycle, which would allow the hacker to slip in unnoticed until now.”

Scott: “What has been taken?”

Ralls: “The hacker has been focusing on the 1128 Document. Let me find out more about the 1128. Give me a second.”

Scott: “No need Bernard, 1128 is the Rogue Entity file.”

Ralls: “Impossible… That file was erased 3 months ago.”

Scott: “All evidence but that one file was destroyed, the 1128 document has everything in it, luckily we encrypted it. That should buy us time while we locate and erase this hacker.”

Ralls: (Typing quickly) “Scott, apparently you placed a level 64-bit encryption on it. Once a good hacker has his hands on the file it will be public by then end of the week. And by the fact that the hack was completed without our noticing, we have something to worry about.” 

Scott: “I’ll call the erasers. Try to find everything you can about this hacker!”


Scott picks up his phone, says, “Get me the eraser squad leader.”



Ralls find out about Robin

Ralls is typing on the computer, Scott stands behind him.


Ralls: “The hacker was extremely clever, perhaps too clever. To make this quick I’ll focus on the region where the hack originated.”

Scott: “Then what?”

Ralls: “Once we know where it came from we’ll try to match someone in our data files to it.”

Scott: “Yes, perhaps we already know this hacker. I’m already feeling better about this.”

Ralls: “Well what do you know? The hack from this part of the world. Not only this part of the world, but right in our backyard. The hack’s within 5,000 miles of us… 1,000… 100 miles! It’s right in our backyard, sir.”

Scott: “So this hacker is close, maybe even employed right here in Internal Affairs. That would explain a lot.”

Ralls: “Alright I have a general location, now I will check out the local police files for anyone who could possibly have pulled this off…  I think I may know who could have done this.”

Scott: “Have her house swept tomorrow.”

(Ralls types and shows the screen to Scott, a display showing Robin is present. General Scott nods in approval.) 

Scott picks up his coat, and says goodnight.





General Scott calls the eraser squad leader.


Scott in the government office with Ralls.

Scott: “Get your men together, we have a lead.”


Erwin is on the other side of the phone.

Erwin “Yes Sir”


Scott: “I am transferring the information to, I want a quick clean sweep. Bring the perpetrator back alive to us.”


Erwin: “I have the alpha team at standby, we will depart at 13:00 hours.”





Scott hears the news that Robin’s house was empty, receives a call from Caparzo. Scott agrees to accompany Caparzo in the transaction with Robin.


Scott slowly lowers the phone, “Negative….” Scott looks over at Ralls.


Scott: “Bad news Bernard, She cracked the code and escaped.”

Ralls: “Any news where she could be heading with the file?”


Scott nods silently answering no. As he takes a moment to breathe his phone rings. Person in office is on the phone: (Caparzo is on the line.) “Scott, turn on your video link…” he/she hangs up the phone.


Scott goes over to a mini teleconference setup and turns it on. Caparzo is on the screen.


Scott: “Ricky Caparzo…”

Ricky: “General, I just got an interesting phone call. It seems a local hacker found out about a certain Rogue Entity Serum. Does this have anything to do with you?”

Scott: “What do you know?”

Ricky: “I know that I am about to pay $500,000 for it. I wonder if you can better that offer?”

Scott: (laughs smugly)“It is your lucky day Caparzo. How does one million sound?”

Ricky: “I was thinking more like 5.”

Scott: “Ha! 1 million and I give you unconditional immunity, that is my final offer. You decide to leave that offer and you will be very, very sorry.”

Ricky: (Looking annoyed but agreeable) “General Scott, I accept. I am meeting the hacker in 2 hours to pick up the disk. I’ll make the trade with you after that.”

Scott: “No, I have a better idea. I’ll go with you.”


Ricky looks confused. Scott turns off the video link and turns to Bernard who is looking at a distance.


Scott: “Bernard, I need a car, a gun, and a Kevlar vest. Immediately.”

Bernard: “Yes sir.”




Scott now knowing Bishop’s intentions, introduces operation Rogue Entity.


Scott enters the Government office with more energy than previous.  He is holding a briefcase and his trench coat, as well as the Kevlar vest. 


Scott: “Bernard, I need to sit down with you.”

Ralls: “Yes sir.”

Scott: “Meeting in 5 minutes!”

Scott, Ralls, and others sit at a table.

Scott: “I am going to begin with a review of the past few days.  First off, we are dealing with 2 hackers, one male one female. These hackers have obtained our top-secret information concerning the Rogue Entity Serum. Their intentions are to bring the serums existence into the public.”

Person: “Do we have names? Numbers?”

Scott: “Robin Steele and Daniel Bishop. They drive a Saab with the license plate number LD-861.”

Person: “So we run the numbers and send the erasers! This isn’t a situation that requires time consuming planning. Just immediate action.”

Ralls: “But Scott, you know something more…”  

Scott: “Bishop and Steele have committed a murder, the cops will be after them within 2 days. If we send anyone out for them our involvement will surely be noticed. And I don’t plan on risking any member of my team.”

Person: “So we send out one of the erasers, a clean hit, and burn down the house. They are trained for that.”

Scott: “Yes, we could. But I have a different agenda.”

Scott opens his briefcase and takes out a magazine a gun and a dart.

Scott: “We do what you said, order a hit. But we have these students do it.” (throws a magazine article on the table)

Ralls: “No ties to us…”

Scott: “Exactly, they have the brains, the physical specifications, and conveniently know our hacker Daniel Bishop. And not to mention, we get to test out this brain control drug everyone has been killing for.”





Scott tells Bernard to call Bain.


Scott: “Bernard, I need to get this Operation into effect. I would like you to call Arthur Bain and find out the locations of our student. Be creative, we don’t want them to suspect anything unusual.”

Ralls: “Yes Sir.”



Bishop goes home, with Robin. He mends his wounds and then Bain, Angell, and Reed come over.




Bain answers the phone and reveals the location of him and the other 2 students.


Bain is walking in his home and responds to the phone ringing.


Bain: “Hello?”

Ralls: “Hello this is Mark Sherman from the Boston Globe. I was wondering if I could have a meeting with you today about your work related intentions after graduation. I would also like to have the interview with Joseph Angell and Dominick Reed if at all possible.”

Bain: “Mark Sherman, huh? I like your work. Yeah no problem, when would you like to meet?”

Ralls: “Excellent, I am very excited to be able to talk to you. I will be over in tomorrow afternoon at noon. Will you still be at your home?”

Bain: “Yeah I’ll be here.”

Ralls: “And Angell and Reed will be there also?”

Bain: “No, they will be over at Paradise Park. But they will be there for a while.”

Ralls: “Thank you very much for your time. I will talk to you soon.” 


Bain looks somewhat confused but unsuspicious.

Ralls looks over at Scott. 

Ralls: “Get the erasers ready.”