Rogue Entity

A DCJ Production


Winter Break Objectives


John Heins needed! Mandatory!

John Wright or Mike Erwin




  1. Chemical Stolen Invasion / In Government Lab
  2. Daniel Driving and Hacking
  3. War Scene / Scott’s House
  4. Erwin-Wright Receives call to Invade Robin’s House
  5. Daniel Mends his wounds
  6. Bain gets a Call
  7. 3 students “post drugged” tested
  8. Students are returned to normal (only audio needed)
  9. Students at Bishop’s Grave





  1. 3 Students
  2. Dr. Zerger
  3. Government Characters
  4. Hackers & Caparzo
  5. Illustrative



Other Needs:


  1. A Magazine Article
  2. A Vile of Serum
  3. A Set for the Students Being Tested
  4. A Rose for the Grave Scene
  5. 3 folders for the Grave Scene
  6. A Set for the Government Meeting
  7. War Scene Props