Lizzy as Lizzy the zombie slayer.

Chris as Nosferombie the leader of the zombies.

Ben as Pat the Vampire (Zombie Jamboree).

Dann as Gilly the watcher.

John as Quentariatu the mystical zombie warrior.

Chris as Chris lizzy’s friend and soldier from Zombie Jamboree.

Dann as Mr. Mulcher the CIA agent who arrests Lizzy.

John as Simon, Lizzy’s annoying English neighbor (Zombie Jamboree).

And other people that come over that want to do something.


X The mark of the zombie slayer.


R The mark of Nosferombie.


The script.


The movie begins in a cold desolate forest.  A person is running, fast!  An unknown creature is following the person.  The person looks back. A zombie is in the distance. The person falls revealing the mark of the zombie slayer. The Zombie (Nosferombie) approaches, and attacks. The sad and pathetic slayer is slain.


Beginning Credits.


Lizzy is walking home from school with her book bag.  On the side of the road there is a weird man.  He approaches her and asks her questions concerning the mark she has.  He tells her who she is and brings her to the cottontail forest.  In the forest she meets up with her first zombie. Gilly, the watcher, watches. She attacks and after a vicious battle, the slayer comes up victorious.  He explains where they will meet and train, and that she has many strong zombies to slay. He especially points out Nosferombie and Quentariatu, the true threats to society and leaders of the zombie world.

The tired and confused slayer is shown walking home.  She asks herself questions and finally one is answered from behind. Pat the Vampire walks out.  Zombies are pure evil he explains, unlike the misunderstood vampire.

Pat: “What are zombies you may ask… well they are Spirits with unfinished business.”

Lizzy: “Isn’t that a ghost?”

Pat: “Well, zombies are bodies that have been possessed by a demon.”

Lizzy: “You are talking about vampires now.”

Pat: “Yes, well vampires are good, not like I would know though… Zombies are bodies that have been cursed by Egyptian magicians.”

Lizzy: “Mummies? Zombies are mummies?”

Pat: “Bloody heck! No!”

Lizzy: “Okay let me get this straight, are you here to confuse me or help me?”

Pat: “I apologize, Zombies are evil driven corpses possessed by a force that drives them into a rage and gives them a strong desire for human flesh. The flesh provides them with strength, and regenerates their hollow and dead bodies.”

Lizzy: “If a certain zombie attained enough flesh to regenerate his body, what would happen?”

Pat: “They would be virtually unstoppable, but that is where you come in. A person with no unique powers can stop a regular zombie, but not one that has achieved the final goal… I have over-stepped my bounds… One last thing, you will find out that you are not alone in the fight. If I didn’t have a movie to produce, I would help too.”    

Lizzy: “Pat… Thank you.”


He tells her only what she needs to know, but tries to hide the truth that he is a vampire.


Lizzy catches a ride home from Chris. She remains in a state of confusion. She goes to sleep, hoping the morning will bring more pleasant and regular news. She is woken up at midnight by the sounding of the doorbell.  Simon, her English speaking neighbor is standing there. He has a Starbucks coffee and he is all jittery and active.  Annoyed she lets him in and sits down. He tells her that he had seen a mysterious man limping outside her house and how he was very ugly. Simon is spazzing-out while he speaks. She sends him home nervously.  


At school she walks through the empty halls.  Gilly is there, before her.

He gives her a time to meet her. He goes away.


The meeting place is Gilly’s mother’s basement. Gilly explains that it is where he lives.  Thus the training begins. At the end of training, Lizzy is given her weapons.  She is told to master their use.   


Out in the forest there is a camper.  The person sees a zombie and yells for them to go away.  The zombie continues. The person runs up to fight, but the person is over powered.  He/she is killed…


In another part of the forest Lizzy is hunting a zombie. She meets up with one and slays him. She continues.  At the end of a battle with a zombie she meets Nosferombie, He is quite rude and leaves, telling her that the fight will ensure when she is stronger. 


 Chris and Lizzy are hanging outside. She opens up and tells him of her sacred birthright. He jokingly says that he is one also. She hits him.  He asks to see the zombies.  She brings him into the woods. There is a zombie, he jokingly runs up and is attacked.  She defeats the zombie and helps the injured Chris up.  He stands up and laughs. She is mad that he doesn’t believe her so she hits him again. But… He is keeping a secret from her. For he is a clown slayer and can easily use his skills to defeat a zombie.  He proves it soon afterwards by breaking the crap out of a zombie. 


Back with Gilly Lizzy is training. She practices kicks and weapons to prepare for Nosferombie, not knowing about Quentariatu the Zombie warrior. Chris is there and Gilly recognizes him as being the Clown slayer, they argue about duties because Chris does not want to fight anymore. Chris finally agrees to train with Lizzy.    


In the woods Lizzy is hunting zombies. She meets up with Nosferombie. He begins to fight. She holds him off but he claims dominance… Chris is in a room where there is a clown smothering an innocent. He turns into a Clown slayer and attacks and kills his prey. The dead clown has a message. It states that Lizzy is held prisoner until Chris and Simon come and meet Nosferombie.   

Nosferombie knows about Simon and Chris’s earlier attack on the zombies and wants revenge. Simon and Chris gear up and enter into the forest. They are attacked by zombies and fight their way deeper into the forest. Lizzy is tied up next to Quentariatu and Nosferombie. She gets her way out of the ropes secretly and jumps Nosferombie. He yells “You are all alone in this fight, give up now.” Simon then comes out of the bushes and says, “No, She has friends unlike a zombie who eats people for a living.”

Simon jumps a mutant zombie in a pink outfit, and Chris takes Quentariatu. They fight and all claim victory.  All is finished in the zombie world, until the next ZOMBIE JAMBOREE!!!