Video editing on the Computer



Hardware needed/suggested


Video capture board Inputs and outputs the video stream.


TV/VCR To view and record the video that you output.


Miniplug to RCA Cable This converts the sound coming out of your speaker(miniplug port) to the port in your TV or VCR(RCA port)


Video camera To make the source video



Software needed/suggested


Adobe Premiere This organizes the video scenes and can export the final video to the VCR/TV. Other effects like blue screen, sound dubbing and scene transitions can be done in this program.


Adobe Photoshop This program is useful for creating splash screens or still images within your movie.


Sound Forge or Goldwave These programs can be used to edit sound files which can later be overlaid onto video.


Lightwave This program can create total 3D scenes or just single characters which can be added to a live scene.


Macromedia Flash This is good for credits or simple cartoons where text or clean cut images are wanted.





3D characters in a live scene To achieve this, you would create the 3D animation and save each frame as individual frames. The program will export the images as well as information about which part (the character) should be visible in the scene. Surrounding black areas around the character will not be visible.


Blue screen The scene is tapped and then a blue (or other) color is chosen and a range is set so lighter blue and darker blue will also be eliminated from the screen.


Light sabers The movie is exported as a series of frames, which is then brought back into Photoshop. Each frame is then edited to add the glowing effect.