Zombie Fourest

A DCJ Production

Including A Zombie/Vampire Documentary by Pat the Vampire Productions



Cast List:

Dann Thombs

Chris Thombs

John Heins

Ben Grace

Jon Barlow



Character List:

Pat the Vampire



Soldier Chris

Neddy Walker

Yo! Chris Zombie


Mutant Zombie

Todd Scott (Chris)

Jim Johnson (John)



Minor characters:

Talking Skeleton

Voodoo Person

Karate Priest or Nun

Whiney Indian Leader












DCJ Productions

October 19, 2002

Zombie Fourest ™



Scene 1

Jim and Todd are cruising along in a convertible enjoying life and $. They enter a parking lot and get out. Todd then gives a random young girl their keys and they enter the building. 


Scene 2

WHO Cares broadcasting station, Jim and Todd are seated behind the table.


News Flash: Pat the Vampire is missing. He was last seen entering the Cottontail Forest to film a sequel to his origional Zombie documentary.


(Fade to Jim and Todd)


Jim: As you may know, today is a sad day; our very own filmer is lost in the forest. WHO cares about Pat the Vampire and his work. 


Todd: We have had no contact with him for several days.


Jim: We will not give up on Pat unless it puts us or our money I mean WHO cares family in danger, because WHO cares about all of them. 


Todd: Pat is our finest filmer and gives up great ratings with his work on the undead, the trampoline threat, and our favorite… the “WHO Cares about You” fundraiser and film fest.


Jim: In order to find Pat, in the least time possible, we ourselves are going to sponsor a contest to enter the forest and get Pat back. All those who enter the contest must film their trip and maybe get a nice prize from WHO cares.


Todd: Along the way our photographer, Neddy Walker, will be documenting the event.


-Shot of Neddy Walker-

Neddy: Hi


-Back to Todd and Jim-


(Sitting awkwardly for a moment)


Camera Man: That is a Wrap!


Todd: Hey Jim… Who is Pat the Vampire?


Jim: I don’t know Todd. Don’t worry about it.


Scene 3

Duct Dann and Soldier Chris are watching the WHO Cares Broadcast.