The Zombie Movie




Suggested Names:

Night of the Walking Deceased
The Living Dead Guy Who Wasn't Dead... He Was Undead
Help! He’s Dead and He CAN Get Up!
The Graveyard Club
Corpses Aloft
Zombie Zinger
The Night of Walking Death
The Night of Walking Doom
Walking Decay
The Evil Undead
Brain Feeders
Catatonic Catastrophe
Terror of the Zombie
Rise of the Grave
Demons of Decay
Nocturnal Terror
Night of the Living Victors
The Day the Dead People... uh... weren't








·      Fat kid

·      Depressed goth vampire

·      Time travelers get killed on arrival

·      War scene (related or not)

·      Wailing on zombies since they’re so slow (maybe Woody if he ever comes)

·      Haunted website (to maybe tie in the Canadian end)

·      Make it so if the Canada portion can be omitted if it never ends up happening.

·      Dream sequence (maybe); make weird, but not artsy

·      Zombie kills cameraman, then picks it up and starts filming.

·      Wah wah wah (Fri 13th) sounds. Really Chris or someone

·      Last resort knife throw

·      Playing Quake3 makes the people better with guns

·      Tying mouse onto gun makes it easier to shoot.

·      Person1 tells person2 to take out his 45. Person2 takes out a 45rpm record. Gets confused.

·      Bubble wrap to see if zombies are coming.





Scene 1.

The movie begins with a news broadcast. The Newscaster is giving the condition. He describes the cause of the zombie outbreak, and gives the action that is about to be taken. “Three men are going to move into the forest and wipe out the problem.” He further explains that the other actions taken against the zombies have been useless. –Shows video of the zombie slowly attacking the army unit— “We leave our hope in those men that will be sent out tomorrow.

Person watching the show, turns it off in disbelief. People upstairs are playing Quake3.


Scene 2.

The three are gearing up. They go through their lists and make sure they have their weapons ready.  The guns are overboard, especially since their prey can’t move faster than 1 mph.  They act as if it’s a suicide mission, and they leave notes behind that hold their death wishes.


Scene 3.

They enter the forest alone. As they are walking they freeze and hide. They see a small animal. They are scared and end up blowing it up to smithereens. Small chunks of cotton stuffing fly over them. “It was just a Stuffed animal.” 

They continue on.  They see a zombie. All of a sudden they see that one of their teammates is dead! The zombie is slowly walking towards them.  The Zombie walks up to soldier 2 and slaps him to death. Soldier 2 starts screaming, Why Me? Why Me?


Scene 4.

Dann is browsing the web when Hobbes jumps on the keyboard and the computer goes to a haunted website. [Canadian part] They go off to fight zombies.


Scene 5.

Dann and Chris walk to John’s House, and ask to borrow his bike. He opens the door and is very nerdy and a close talker. He agrees and they all head down to the forest. They ride down the road, and at the edge of the forest they fly off and start flying through the air. (10 second montage of flying plus air traffic controller directing flight - Chris) They need weapons and pull out knifes and machetes to whittle sticks into pointy ones. A depressed goth vampire walks up

and goes into a long monologue about the bleakness of his existence. Everyone else agrees since it’s a zombie movie and they stake him.


Scene 6.

They meet up with mcelroy. And start fighting zombies. Dann  asks Chris whether he brought the 45’s Chris pulls out the records. Dann slaps his forehead.


Scene 7.

All almost looks hopeless, until Dann has an idea. Tells chris to start playing the 45 rpm records. Since they are german industrial music and cause people to be violent, he combines them with flash backs of playing quake, and they all beat the zombies up.





View opens with newscaster reporting bad news. Footage of Zombies is in background.


Newscaster: Hello and welcome to W.H.O. cares news at 7. What we are about to show you will boost our ratings and coincidentally will be extremely useful to you. As of 5:30 this morning, the local area around the Cottontail forest has been overrun by legions of the undead.

Shows video clips of zombies attacking army unit.

If you or anyone you know lives in this area, an order has been issued to evacuate the area immediately. If you choose to remain, please keep a video camera on record mode with a message instructing it to be mailed to us at the following address ……


Person watching TV shuts it off

Person: Zombies…. HA


Camera moves upwards and through the ceiling to the room above and shows two boys playing Quake3. They play for a minute and then the game ends. An announcement on the radio is talking about games causing violence.


Dann: Right like a video game would cause me to become violent. Looks in an empty chocolate box to find no chocolate.  Hey who took the last chocolate.


Chris: I did, sorry.


Dann: slaps person2


A group of three army people are preparing for battle.


Soldier1 (McElroy): Do you know what were up against?


Soldier2 (John H): No, they didn’t tell us exactly. Just something about a situation that needs special attention.


Soldier3 (Chris): So I guess that’s why we need the big guns.




They enter forest and see something on the ground.


Soldier1: There something is!


They all start shooting like mad. Cotton flies around. Slow-mo death sequence of soldier3.


Soldier2: Nooooooo!


Soldier1: Checks pulse He’s dead, there’s nothing we can do.


Soldier2: Life is so fragile. Why, Why! WHY! Shouts to sky.


Zombie starts walking up to soldier2, slaps him to death. Soldier 2 starts screaming, Why Me? Why Me?


Dann is browsing the web when Hobbes jumps on the keyboard and the computer goes to a haunted website. [Canadian part]


Dann: This needs to be stopped. [Person2] Hey you still have your 45, right?


Chris: Yeah a few of them.


Dann: Good, get them; we have a war to fight. Let me make a call first.


Person2 goes off to get 45’s. Dann picks up the phone and call for his free tarot card reading with Madame Clea.