Halloween 2019 - Day 20


Jeeves: The day of reckoning has come. Show us what you can do.

Cael: Did you really have to call it a reckoning? I have performance anxiety as it is.

Jeeves: Very good. You're up first.

Cael: How did the farmer build a fence?

...He bent over and picket up...

Drago: I'm juggling rats...


Sands: I'm over 1000 years old...

Big Pumpy: I killed someone today...

Meow Mix: I make my own clothes...

Jeeves: Well I've seen enough to know when I've made a mistake.

Jeeves: Nevertheless, we have tallied our votes and chosen our two winners. Well one winner and one almost-winner.

Drago: In all fairness, I shouldn't be surprised.

Drago: That bird has been stealing our thunder all month.

Drago: The thing that puzzles me though, is how the pumpkin creature snagged second place. I don't recall him even entering.

Drago: I demand a redo!

Big Pumpy: Heya guuuys. I've thought it over and decided to share the unicorn with you. I realized that it wasn't fair to hog it all to myself.

Big Pumpy: Just hold on one second, and I'll go gett'em.

Big Pumpy: Unf, it's a little stubborn. Bear with me.

Big Pumpy: Ter-daaaa! New and improved. What'cha think?

Meow Mix: You monster!

Sands: How could you?

Big Pumpy: I have you two to thank. I never knew sharing could be this much fun.