Halloween 2020 - Day 07


* Boioioing *

Cael: I take it steampunk is in this year. What drove you to this aesthetic?

Gourdgear: Well it's not something I take lightly, and there are a lot of posers out there just gluing antique mechanical parts on things.

Owl O'Clock: It's very disrespectful if you ask me. They don't appreciate the rich history of it.

Drago: Enough about that, what have you brought us?

Owl O'Clock: It's a scarecrow, which ironically was created by just gluing old clock gears on it. My bad.

Cybercrow: Excuse me, but that was not yours to give away.

Hedgekin: Another adorable addition. Hard to believe they can be so evil.

Hogbug: How soon before we can use the oracle?

Hedgekin: That's not an oracle, it's a plasma ball. How could you be confused about that?

Hedgekin: But soon. Once the master arrives.