Halloween 2020 - Day 30


Cael: Well we did it. Down to the last day. Wait, did we mess up? Does '1' mean that we don't count tomorrow or should Halloween proper be #1?

Drago: Don't ask me, I've always questioned that.

Cael: This is going to drive me crazy.

Mare: No! Our Adventures are offline. How could this happen? Now, no one will know about our crazy tales. I blame Waiterbot.

Kuse: I think the 2002 ones are still up.

Mare: Okay they are, but none of us were even in those. They just had my soon forgotten sister-clones.

Mare: Now what are we going to do with this year's?

Knacks: Not sure...hey where's Mista?

Cael: Okay, we were wrong. Now please welcome our final guest.

Mista Snowman: So happy to be here. This place is wonderful! Needs more red and green though.

Cael: We're tight on time, so let's get straight to the gift part so we can start dismantling the set.

Mista Snowman: I can give but one gift: a miracle.

Mista Snowman: A Christmas Miracle!

Cael: Phew. That's a wrap. Let's get this stuff down.

Cael: I'll start with this one. It looks fragile. Might be able to eBay it.

Drago: Are we able to sell it? Dibs on half the profit if so.

Drago: Cael?

Drago: Where'd he go?

Drago: Last thing he touched was this light.

* Poof *

Drago: What just happened?

Cael: Not sure, but I'm getting some awfully familiar vibes.

Cael: And weren't these the alien transport vessels. Something very wrong happened here. Or right if it means we don't have to see them again.

Drago: I think you may be right. These colors match.

Cael: Sometimes I feel like...somebody's watching me.

Jeeves: Like ships passing in the night. Except it was broad daylight and they still didn't notice.

Jeeves: Luckily we gave ourselves an extra day again to prepare. Hopefully in peace.

Jeeves: Ratty and Mummy-hands, please start summoning the rest.

Jeeves: Then re-scatter the bones. The crows must have been cleaning up again.

Jeeves: There is much to do.

Jeeves: And nothing will stop us this time.

Cael: Hey Frankenwhatever, stop!

Cael: We missed him, but that only means they're invading out personal space.

Cael: Wait, were those always there?

Drago: Yeah, didn't you notice them when we arrived?

Cael: Can't say I did.

Cael: Okay, here we go...