Halloween 2021 - Day 16


It's wonderful!

CyberRaven: There is nothing wonderful about it.

CyberRaven: The skull finally stopped hatching things, but each birth was worse than the one before. I think some may be birds in flight, but they may also be bats for all I know.

There is some silver lining

The rats' motherly intincts have set in...

Cael: I don't think I can take it anymore.

Cael: That bird needs to go.

Cael: And when will these trees stop popping up?

Hedgekin: No treats? What gives?

Big Pumpy: I brought something special. There's always been a lack of feline representation, so I'm here to fix that.

Big Pumpy: And they're all yours.

Meow Mix: That would have been all and good, but how do you expect me to eat facsimilies of my own kind?

Meow Mix: Try to be more considerate in the fiture. Come on doggy.

Big Pumpy: Can't I do anything right?