Halloween 2021 - Day 19


Hedgekin: Whatsa going on here. Why are there only wrappers this morning?

Hedgekin: I'm highly distressed about this!

Hogbug: I guess we'll never know.

CyberRaven: Another of your abominations, I presume?

I can't be directly held accountable. One of the food-spiders apparently grew up into its adult form.

CyberRaven: I suppose I can't be too upset.

CyberRaven: We finally made some steps towards my steampunk collection.

Cael: Any reason why you're holding my hand?

Drago: I'm not, gross.

Drago: Pretty sure it's just Benny's severed arm.

Drago: For some reason he's still here, deep in a coma.

Cael: Desgustang!

Sands O'Time: There, finally all back together. That was a pain.

Sands O'Time: Please be more careful in the future.

Catskills: Sorry. I've gotten you all something to make up for the tumble.

Catskills: Skicky decals. You like?

Catskills: Not sure why it says B'OO. Must be a foreign version.

Big Pumpy: I like the jack-o-lantern. I speak for all of us when I say, you can stay.