Halloween 2022 - Day 18


Drago: Going back for seconds?

Cael: Can you blame me? It was good.

Drago: No, but are we really keeping the packaging around? It's not really seasonal.

Cael: I literally just put it aside. I wasn't going to keep it for decor purposes.

Drago: Yet yesterday's is still sitting just behind it.

Drago: Um, what is this? We've been swindled.

Cael: I'm both severely disappointed and severely excited about what is in its place.

Hedgekin: Not very Halloweeny, if you ask me.

Hogbug: No, no. We've got a sliver of hope. There's a pumpkin with a witch hat...we're good.

Hedgekin: But no tricks. Dock a point for that.

Hogbug: Naturally. I'll put it over with the one from last year. They'll make a power couple that the Hollywood elite will envy.

Hogbug: What should the portmanteau be? Sunbeer? Rootkist?

Hedgekin: Let's just leave the soda in the corner and call it a day.

CyberRaven: Severed Body...what?

CyberRaven: It's driving me crazy! Certainly not 'parts' given what I can see.

Eyes are body parts. Try to think outside your conditioning.

CyberRaven: Sure, technically.

CyberRaven: But they do look a bit like some other things that this family friendly affair shouldn't show.