Halloween 2022 - Day 26


Drago: A fine addition. Traditional and inoffensive.

Drago: Didn't we have a theme we were going for at the start of the month?

Cael: I can't be bothered to remember that far back. We'll just assume this fits in.

Drago: So should we just leave it here?

Drago: Because putting it in this box might persuade it to take root.

Hogbug: This came in a flash.

Hedgekin: And it's a graveyard smash!

Hedgekin: I know it's probably just a relabeled medley of normal jellybeans, but I can't help but love it.

Hogbug: Wish I could say the same.

Meow Mix: Ah...back to some good ol' crafting.

Catskills: Can I help?

Meow Mix: Of course. You're the most important part.

Meow Mix: I'll just to the unpacking, the unwrapping, the unfolding, the taping, and the stringing.

Meow Mix: And finished!

Catskills: I'm glad I can be of service.

Catskills: But I didn't think the most important contribution was simply being tall enough to reach the ceiling.

Meow Mix: It is, it is. Now a little to the left...right...other right...

Catskills: You know, I wouldn't really call these crafts. They're more like preassembled decorations.

Meow Mix: What did you just say?!