Halloween 2023 - Day 27


Big Pumpy: Perhaps these were frivolous purchases. You know, if we have actually used money. I'll just store them up here.

Big Pumpy: Waaaaaah!!!

Big Pumpy: I'm okay

Sands O'Time: Sigh

Sands O'Time: Thanks for the slight attempt at decluttering, but I think we need to do a little better.

Sands O'Time: I got these buckets. I figure we could fill them up, and regain a little floor space.

Sands O'Time: Grab a pail and get to work

Sands O'Time: Yes, everyone

Big Pumpy: Hey! The rat found some food. Quick, tackle him.


It’s the secret
It’s the moment
When everything happens

Hedgekins: Ah, the age ol' question. Utz or Synders?

Hogbug: Synders or course. They made those Dill Pickle and Coney Island chips back in the mid-90s.

Hogbug: Plus, it looks like the Utz were already ransacked before we got them.

Glowst: Time to make this place a little more homey...homies.

Cael: No, we have only a few days left. We're going to leave this place as it is, since I now need to sleep sitting up.

Drago: Out of morbid curiousity, what did you intend to do?

Glowst: Nothing major. Just wanted to dump this confetti all over the place. It will be like a streamer wonderland.

Glowst: Just imagine, swimming through strands of paper and pumpkin faces. Wouldn't that be grand?

Cael: No, it would not. We'd never be able to clean it up.

Glowst: That's the beauty of it. You never need to!

Cael: I said, no.

Glowst: Well guys. Looks like we're out of luck

Glowst: The fun police have spoken

Glowst: Tee hee. It's okay, you can come out now. Everyone's fast asleep...somehow.

Glowst: That-a-boy. Closer, closer.

Glowst: I need a little of that juice


Glowst: It tickles!