Halloween 2023 - Day 30


Cael: You know, at some point we should refresh our hats.

Drago: We should, but we're somewhat lacking the alien host skins to harvest. It's turned into a certain faux pas.

Drago: What's all this?

Cael: Looks like your son in a casket again.

Drago: I can see that. Perhaps 'Why?' might have a better interrogative pronoun.

Jeeves: Dearly departed. We gather here to pay homage to a life cut short for trivial purposes.

Jeeves: That's all I have. Is there anyone who would like to add more?

Big Pumpy: Aside from kidnapping him a few years ago, I honestly don't remember much.

Sands O'Time: Ditto. I got nothing.

Drago: What's the meaning of this? And how did you get a likeness of him on the coffin so quickly?

Drago: And to think we bought your ice cream!

Jeeves: Logistics I'm afraid. Had to pack in a few more tenants into your quarters, so I needed to cull the herd a bit.

Jeeves: But on the bright side, I will assure you that this new living pod will be his, and his alone.

Jeeves: At least until the pod sharing app goes live in February.

Hogbug: These look familiar

Hedgekins: They are. I've brought them back for a special transformation

Hogbug: Oh, that sounds exciting!

Hedgekins: It is! I've been waiting for the secret ingredient, and it finally arrived.

Hedgekins: Zombie poop

Hogbug: Glowing...

Hedgekins: Yes, the needed touch

Hogbug: Isn't this prohibited by the embargo of 2019?

Hedgekins: It is, but there's a life hack in which you simply ignore legislation you don't like.

Hogbug: Very handy!


Hedgekins: Even better than I had hoped! The Bone-mobile is a stupendous suprise. I bet Jay Leno doesn't have one in his garage.

Hogbug: We even got a few bonuses. That ghost seems a bit smitten with the werewolf. Best keep an eye on them.

Cael: Thanks for letting me carry the casket home. Wasn't awkward at all to make eye contact through the glass the entire way.

Drago: Sorry, I just assumed you would want to do it all yourself.

Cael: Why would you assume that?

Drago: Wishful thinking

Drago: But what's done is done. What else can we do?

Cael: Whatever you tell yourself.

Hmm, what's that sound?

Cael: Tribbles!