Life for Big Pumpy and Sands in the dump continues, the birds have little to no parts, Catskills and Meow Mix try to settle on decorating decisions, and Cael & Drago fend off AI slugs.


Another year in the apartment complex. The birds are still taking up too much space, Meow Mix has kicked out her roommates, a new home is found at the dump, and chaos is ever present.

Cael and Drago celebrate Easter

Cael and Drago celebrate Valentine's Day


Cael and Drago and the rest of the crew set up shop in an apartment complex. What can go wrong now?

Cael and Drago review Oh My GIF


Cael and Drago land a TV show on public access. They host a varied array of guests, who all must deliver gifts, which also clutter the place. Familiar faces return, but something else is brewing behind the scenes.


Cael and Drago are tasked with accepting and arranging a gift each day throughout October for an unknown client. Over the course of the month, their space becomes crowded, and the mystery behind the job is slowly revealed.


Cael and Drago's first set of adventures back on Goshzilla.com, titled: White Realm.